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Bigger bust sports bras- Spring into sensational support in 2024.

runderwear Power sports bra a great bigger bust sports bra

Shop bigger bust sports bra In need of a bigger bust sports bra? Thought you were alone? Do not know where to turn and what will actually live up to the promises from the manufacturers? Read on to find out what is driving the rise of the bigger bust sports bra and which brands you […]

Sports bras in the Perimenopause

pure lime padded athletic sports bra, a great sports bra in perimenopause

Choosing a Sports Bra in Perimenopause Perimenopause is a time when exercise can be key to relieve some of the physical, emotional and mental symptoms many of us experience. Physical movement is a key piece in the midlife well-being puzzle. Breast pain, size changes and tenderness are common symptoms at this time, and an effective […]

Is back fat normal? Your 5 top sports bra questions answered.

I have a back fat roll- is my sports bra too tight? Why does my sports bra underband roll up? Why do I get red marks from my shoulder straps? Welcome back to our series of bra fit myth busting blogs! Compiled from the most common questions we get asked here at KnockerLocker during fittings. […]

The healing power of exercise after mastectomy

anita care mastectomy sports bra

Recovering from a mastectomy can be a challenging journey, both physically and emotionally. The process involves not only healing from surgery but also rebuilding a sense of self and confidence. Exercise after mastectomy can have significant impact on both of these areas. ¬†Engaging in physical activity after mastectomy can offer a multitude of benefits for […]

What makes the best sports bra?

What makes the best sports bra? Have you ever wondered? I am guessing the answer is YES as you are here reading this post. This used to be a matter of opinion until a recent study has found the features that are almost universally present in effective sports bras- the best sports bras. What do […]

Choosing the best sports bra: finding optimal support for every workout

When it comes to exercise, finding the best sports bra is crucial for both comfort and performance. Regardless of breast size, the proper support is essential. Not only to prevent discomfort from chafing and pain of excessive breast movement; but also long-term structural damage, leading to the dreaded sag. In this article, we will delve […]

Bra sister sizing and other fit concepts unveiled

padded sports bra sister sizing

Bra sister sizing, band measurements, cup volume… what does it all mean? When it comes to finding the perfect-fitting bra, navigating the world of sizes can be an intimidating task. The United Kingdom has its own unique system for sizing bras, with band size, cup volume, and the concept of bra sister sizing playing crucial […]

BLACK CAMO, the limited edition ENELL Sports colourway for 2023.

is an online bra fitting for you?

KnockerLocker is so proud to be championing the ENELL Sports Bra. As a Les Mills Body Attack enthusiast with a weighty pair of 32Es that, to be honest, have seen better days, I struggle to find a bra that is going to keep my boobs locked in through the jumping jacks, tuck jumps and burpees […]

Myths crushed: You mustn’t wear a sports bra everyday.

panache non-wired sports bra in grey marle

Have you ever wondered? I am guessing the answer is YES as you are here reading this post. You are not alone. This is one of the most asked questions in the sports bra world. And one which many people have a strong view on. Why would you wear a sports bra everyday? Firstly- why […]

2023 New Freya sports bra: High Octane, smoking hot!

It is finally here! The new Freya sports bra: the High Octane. We love everything about this bra, the name, the styling, the support, the price. It is without doubt Freya Active’s best sports bra to date. This new Freya sports bra really is high octane is every respect. Just look at her! The first […]

Breast concerns affect 73% of girls in sport

Participating in sport can be a hugely positive experience for young women. Aside from the physical benefits, it can help in building body positivity, confidence and mental well being, and provide person to  person engagement rather than through the medium of a smartphone. Despite all this, the rate at which teenage girls are dropping out […]

Elomi Energise sports bra: 5/5* reviews all the way

elomi energise sports bra a great sports bra in perimenopause

The Elomi energise sports bra, can it really be as good as the reviews tell us? Ladies of ample knocker-age, if you haven’t tried the Elomi Energise sports bra yet, why not? From Wacoal, Elomi is specifically designed with larger breasts in mind, with back sizes ranging from 32 – 46 and cups from D […]