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Myths crushed: You mustn’t wear a sports bra everyday.

Have you ever wondered? I am guessing the answer is YES as you are here reading this post. You are not alone. This is one of the most asked questions in the sports bra world. And one which many people have a strong view on.

Why would you wear a sports bra everyday?

Firstly- why would you want to wear a sports bra everyday? There are many reasons. Let’s explore some of them.

1- Security

Larger breasted women are more likely to wear a sports bra everyday- it is a question of security. Sports bras obviously give more support than traditional ‘everyday’ bras.

Running for the bus; bouncing down the stairs to get the doorbell; crawling through soft play with your toddler… Life can be demanding on your breasts.

2- Active jobs

Many women have active jobs and actually need the additional support a sports bra gives to be able to fulfill their roles to their potential. So guess what- they opt to wear a sports bra everyday for work.

Farmers, professional horse riders, policewomen, personal trainers, group exercise instructors, soldiers, firefighters, medics, vets. 

3- Comfort

In general, a lot of everyday type bras have underwires in them, which many women do not like. If a bra is fitted properly, the underwire should not be a cause of discomfort, however, knowing that more than 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size… underwires can give you grief.

Many sports bras are not wired but offer great support- so a win on the comfort rating. 

Other factors that can contribute to the added comfort of a sports bra- the elasticated nature of the fabric and wider shoulder straps, distributing the load more evenly.

4- Boob sweat

I’ll just come out and say it. Boobs sweat, summer heat, busy lifestyles, menopause… sports bras are designed to deal with this sweat, wicking it away from the body and preventing chafing, blistering or even fungal infection. 

5- Post surgery

Post breast surgery of many varieties, you will be recommended to wear a sports bra for additional security, minimising movement and aiding comfort and healing.

6- Style

Athleisure anyone? Enough said. This is me BTW. I live in activewear. 

we outline why wear a sports bra every day
panache non- wired sports bra. A great one if you want to wear a Panache sports bra everyday

Which sports bra to wear everyday?

The reasons behind why some women want to wear a sports bra every day are pretty compelling; and ultimately who is anyone to tell a women what she can and can’t wear under her clothing? 

Historically some have been quite outspoken about NOT wearing sports bras all day every day, but I believe that was from a time when a sports bra equated to a tight compressing crop top.

These may have potential to reduce blood flow or lymphatic drainage and promote sweating and chafing. Which is probably where the advice against all day wear came from.

However times have changed and so have sports bras. More and more lingerie manufacturers are following the findings of University of Portsmouth regarding design features that contribute to breast support in a sports bra. These include adjustable straps on shoulders and back, and encapsulation of the breasts rather than compression.

These features not only contribute to great support, but also great comfort. Meaning that the modern sports bra really can be worn all day.

freya racerback sports bra

Strap in

The other aspect to consider is the shoulder strap orientation- many brands such as Pure Lime, Panache, Freya and Elomi have what is known as a J hook.

This allows the straps to be worn in either regular or racer orientation, depending on the lady’s preference. See our racerback sports bra here.

Or regular?

KnockerLocker recommends

If you are going to wear a sports bra all day, these would be our top recommendations. All are encapsulation designs. In no particular order, just depending on your priorities:


Available with moulded cups with or without underwire, non-moulded cups with underwire.

Convertible straps via the J hook and a perky, natural, uplifted shape.

Freya high octane

Brand new from Freya, this bra features silicone encased underwires and moulded cups; giving a separated, lifted forward facing shape. 

J hook for strap conversion. Fabulous in Leopard!

Elomi energise

Top rated for bigger busts, the Energise is underwired with non-moulded tailored cups.

J hook fastening on straps,  and a beautiful classic shape. Available in black and white.

Anita air control delta

Our number one seller for asymmetric ladies, this bra looks features the delta pad and mesh overlay. Amazing comfort and style.

Regular oriented straps with no option for racerback.

So the verdict is yes, you can wear a sports bra everyday all day, but we would recommend an encapsulation style with adjustable shoulder and back bands. Steer clear of ultra compression styles or ones without adjustable fastenings.

Take your pick for all day comfort, support and style. Not sure on your size- have a read of our fitting guide to check your current bra fit before you order.