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BLACK CAMO, the limited edition ENELL Sports colourway for 2023.

KnockerLocker is so proud to be championing the ENELL Sports Bra. As a Les Mills Body Attack enthusiast with a weighty pair of 32Es that, to be honest, have seen better days, I struggle to find a bra that is going to keep my boobs locked in through the jumping jacks, tuck jumps and burpees the class throws at me. The ENELL Sport Bra is the Holy Grail of high support sports bras for bigger breasts.

Enell Sport is our number 1 best-selling bra at KnockerLocker and we are excited to add their 2023 brand new Black Camo colourway to the range. I am a big fan of camo print, but what does the traditional colour palette of muddy greens coordinate with? Nothing in my sports locker, that is for sure. So Enell, I applaud you- Black Camo- a stroke of genius!

Suitable for sizes ranging from 32C to 52GG, this bra really is the ultimate power lifter. It is sized according to your rib and bust measurements, so this huge range is breast sizes is covered by 10 Enell bra sizes: 00 through to 8, and somehow it works. But more about sizing and fitting later.

“Maximum support in one ridiculously powerful layer”

Runner’s World

Alongside the original full back bra is the Racerback– lower necked and narrower backed, this bra is designed for a sleeker look under kit. It does not offer quite the same degree of support as the full back sport bra, more for gym workouts, cycling or weights classes. This is my go to Body Pump bra. It reduces the downward motion of the bounce, but because it is lower cut around the arms and neck it does not provide quite the containment of the original bra.

So where did the Enell Sports Bra spring from?

The story starts in the USA. Big has always been part of ENELL founder Renelle Braaten’s life. As an avid volleyball player, Renelle was forced to double-up on bras during her workouts. Frustrated with the lack of support (literally and figuratively) in the market, Renelle put her entrepreneurial spirit to work and recruited the one person she knew would understand and help- her mum. A talented seamstress, Renelle’s mum went to work constructing a bra built to SUPPORT, STABILISE and SECURE.

After extensive testing in a sports biomechanics lab, the ENELL Sports bra hit the market in multiple sizes for high-impact activities.

Fitting your spangly new ENELL bra

This maximum support original sports bra is for those who feel like nothing is working for them! Enell bras are designed exclusively for D cups and above, when you try these wire-free, front hook sports bras you’ll feel the difference. Oprah did and she hasn’t looked back!

ENELL sizing and fitting works different from other bras. For the very best fit, please do not refer to your current bra size. Enell Sports bras for designed for large breasts and require exact measurements to ensure a bounce-free fit. While wearing your everyday bra, take your actual measurements around the fullest part of your bust and around the rib cage directly under your breasts. Refer to the chart to see which ENELL size will work for you.

The Enell conversion chart will usually give you 2 possible Enell size options to try. As a 32E I wear a 0, my friend who is a 32GG (but has the same tape measurements as me) wears a 1. Generally I would usually suggest you go for the smaller of the 2 options- compression is a large part of the ENELL Sports bra’s support.

The hook and eye closures make it easy to put your ENELL Sports bra on. It is important to fasten from the bottom and work your way up. As you hook each closure, adjust your breasts for the best possible fit. Once your ENELL is fastened, the breasts should be held firmly in the upper center portion of the bra. Whether you’re looking for a plus size sports bra or have a smaller ribcage with a larger cup size, ENELL sports bras provide premium support.

The clip below perfectly explains how best to fit and wear your ENELL bra.

The new Black Camo is a limited edition, and stocks are (guess what) limited. In sizes from 0 through to 4 they join our other colours- classic Black, sleek White and the gorgeous Grey (“Purple Reign”). Soon we hope to add the ENELL LITE bra to our range soon- same front fastening, just a little more freedom so you can feel secure whatever your day throws at you.

If a compression bra is not the one for you, have a read of our advice on other plus size sports bras available at KnockerLocker