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Join the RUNDERWEAR revolution. Chafe-free guaranteed.

Runderwear- best sports bra for running- Runner’s World

At KnockerLocker we are so proud to be part of the Runderwear team. Their ethos and back story is completely inspiring and we feel really privileged they have chosen us as an online partner.

The Runderwear Power running bra is my personal favourite bra for running: maximum comfort coupled with superb yet unrestrictive support. But let’s go back to the start of the Runderwear journey.

back view of runderwear original bra in blue

Runderwear was created as a solution to prevent chafing by two university friends, Richard and Jamie who shared a passion for fitness and in particular running. Jamie suffered from extreme chafing at the New York Marathon and saw a need to help other runners avoid the same fate. The friends travelled on a shoestring to various countries around the world to try and understand how to make undergarments with optimal materials that would overcome the chafe challenge. Their socks and underwear are woven in a circular pattern to avoid seams- the culprit of chafing in most instances.

Perseverance was key, and their belief in their products carried them to where the company is now. Eight years later Runderwear has won numerous industry awards and most importantly helped thousands of people to run in greater comfort. They now have a small team of brilliant people that have joined in the journey. Based in Dorset, UK they consider themselves a David vs Goliaths in the running industry. The company strongly believes that by doing one thing well, they will make a difference for all runners around the world.

Breakthrough bras

Prompted by a huge number of requests from female runners to extend their product collection to include bras, the Runderwear Running Bras were launched 2019, providing 63 different sizes across two styles. The Runderwear Energize running bra is designed for sizes A-D and the Runderwear Power running bra for D-H. Both aim to provide maximum support and chafe-free comfort, no matter your breast size or the distance you run. The material is fabulously soft, one of my twin daughters said it was like ‘stroking a mouse’s ear’. I wouldn’t disagree. Because of that these bras are often worn as everyday bras- a little more security, but comfy enough to wear all day.

“This Runderwear running bra is a rare find. Not only do the moulded cups offer great support, even for a G cup, but this bra also provides comfort from start to finish, making it a long run game changer.”

Runner’s World- runderwear easy-on

As I say, I am a big fan of the Runderwear Power running bra for running. I really like the position of the straps on your shoulders; they are slightly wider set than traditional racerbacks, meaning if you have muscly shoulders they don’t press down on your traps, which can become uncomfortable after a while.

The two sets of fastenings at the back mean that you get extra added security from an ‘overband’ effect- a gentle pressure around the top of your breasts, reducing both vertical and lateral movement. The cut-away shape at the front of the armpits means there is no pinching or rubbing from the arm motion when running. The moulded cups give great lift and shape- check out Jo’s GGs pictured.

runderwear original bra in black

The Runderwear Energize is Becky, our marathon runner’s firm favourite. Becky’s marathon PB is 3.00 hours dead. That takes a lot of time and miles training. And, thanks to Runderwear, not one sore spot or bra rub to show for it.

The Runderwear Energize running bra has a single back fastening, making it so much easier to get off over the head than a crop top which many smaller breasted runners opt for. In addition it has adjustable shoulder straps, meaning there is no slip and helping reduce breast movement further.

Runderwear sport bras were quickly taken up by England Athletics, and they are proud to now be known as the Official Bra of England Athletics. In addition to this accolade, the company has been voted the UK’s number one underwear and sock brand at the UK Running awards. So go on, come run with us and join the Runderwear revolution, you would be in great company.

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