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Power Running Bra | RUNDERWEAR


Runderwear sports bras are designed for runners, by runners. The Power running bra from Runderwear provides the ultimate experience in comfort for running and other high-impact exercise, where greater levels of support and control are required.

Runderwear running bras are guaranteed chafe free, mile after mile. Despite the name the Power running bra is of course suitable for any activities, not just running!

  • Super-soft lightweight fabric for ultimate comfort
  • Breathable moisture-wicking construction keeps you dry
  • Padded, adjustable shoulder straps allow customised fit
  • Easy on and off, thanks to fully opening back
  • Wire-free, moulded cups control movement
  • Wide encased under-band, offers exceptional support
  • Second, upper sets of back fastenings provide addition movement control over top portion of breasts


  • FIT: Go up a cup size from our bra size calculator result, maintain band size. Eg result 36D, buy 36DD (Runderwear cups are small!)
  • OR: Maintain cup size, go up a band size. Eg result 36D, buy 38D
  • NOTE Runderwear do not use FF size, this is a G in Runderwear sizing.


Product Info

Power Rating

5 Ultimate

This is the ultimate in compression and support.

Locker Review

I usually wear a 32E,  Ribs 30″, Bust 37″, Breast shape: wide set/ asymmetric. This is the comfiest high support bra I have ever worn. Delivers amazing bounce control without the feeling of ‘I can’t wait to get this thing off’ at the end of the workout.

I tried several different sizes in the Power running bra, the fabric is so soft, none of them felt ‘wrong’. My breasts fitted best into the moulded cups of the 32F. I would strongly advise maintaining usual band size and going up a cup size for best fit. Other ladies have found the same for them. Because the neck line is high, you can be misled to think a smaller size fits okay- there is not a risk of the quadruple boob bulging out the top even if it is too small.

The support in the Power running bra is absolutely exceptional, claiming the Ultimate prize of the Power 5 medal from KL: running, high impact bouncy aerobics, no bother. Like the Energize running bra, the fabric and construction of this bra is designed to be chafe free, and it lives up to expectation. It is so comfortable I can be found wearing this at my desk most days.

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Breast Shape

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