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The Panache sports bra- every boobsome girl’s favourite, available now!

The UK number 1 sports bra brand for bigger breasts has landed at KnockerLocker!

The panache sports bra has long been the first stop for many bigger breasted active women. Panache sports bra are created in Sheffield by a dedicated team working to bring you the most innovative sports bras in the industry.

As many of us have experienced, uncontrolled repetitive bouncing can lead to pain, stretching of the connective tissue within the breasts and premature breast droop. It can also lead to pain in the upper back and neck. The combination of these can put many women off exercising altogether.

Panache is one of the World’s leading designers of D+ lingerie, established nearly 40 years ago. Panache firmly believe that sports bras need to be sized according to cup, not according to small, medium or large. The Panache sports bra comes in 70 sizes ranging from 28 to 46 back size and B through to J cup- meaning every woman can give her breasts the bespoke support needed for her workout.

Offering 3 different styles, with varying degrees of padding, wired or not, Panache sports bra offer something for every pair of knockers out there.

In out, in out, shake it all about

We now know that breasts move in a figure of 8 when we work out, not the up and down 2 dimensional movement that we once thought.

The highest impact activities have been shown to involve jumping and moving in 3 dimensions, rather than the running we always think of as being the ultimate test of a sports bra. So think an aerobics class involving burpees, skaters, jumping jacks and tuck jumps.

The Panache sports bra was created with this in mind. Using an encapsulation design, each breast is held within its own cup, minimising movement in the 3 dimensions- up and down, forward and back and side to side.

They are rigorously tested at the Progressive Sports Lab at the University of Loughborough, where they have been deemed worthy of the elusive 5/5 star rating, with an astonishing <83% bounce reduction.

Panache sport logo

“Class-leading bras providing excellent levels of support without sacrificing comfort” 

University of Loughborough, Progressive Sports Lab

Universal Panache sports bra features

The smooth seam free inner cups cups reduce friction, prevent chafing and improve comfort during both low and high impact activities. The outer seams are smooth and flat- looking great under sportswear and daywear alike.

The shoulder straps are wide and padded to ensure comfort for the wearer, the addition of an easily reachable J hook on the straps to clip them together and convert it to a racerback, means you have the best of both worlds.

The comfort, shape and support from these bras mean that they are firm favourites with women in active jobs- such as the services and professional horse riders. Many women will opt to use the straps in the regular orientation for their day job and then just attach the J hook to convert to a racerback when they hit the gym.

The racerback:

  • Provides greater freedom of movement
  • Gives extra security and lift and further reduces bounce
  • Helps stop any strap slippage (great for ladies with sloping shoulders)
  • Helps to disperse weight across the whole back which can help with back and shoulder pain

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Underbands are deep and wide, using high strength elastic to provide great support. The underband on the non-wired bra is especially wide to add security in the absence of the underwire. The 3 hooks and eyes are cushioned to ensure maximum comfort and ease of adjusting.

The fabrics used have natural wicking properties, pulling moisture away from the skin, keeping you feeling dry and chafe free. Breathable mesh panels keep the skin feeling cool.

Wired, non-moulded

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Non-wired, moulded

panache non- wired sports bra. A great one if you want to wear a Panache sports bra everyday

Wired, moulded

wired panache sports bra

We have rated all 3 Panache sports bras as Power 4– suitable for DD+ ladies in all levels of activity.

If we do not have your size or chosen colour in our array, please do drop us an email ( and we can have one on your doorstep in a week.

We love Panache Ultimate sports bras, 3 awesome styles, all providing support to give you the confidence you need in the gym, on your horse or out on patrol. 

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Remember 5% of the price you pay at KnockerLocker gets donated directly to Pink Ribbon Foundation, supporting those whose lives are affected by breast cancer.