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Power Ratings 1-5

To help ease the confusion, at KnockerLocker we have developed the Power Rating. This combines your breast size with the impact level of your chosen sport to give a rating of 1-5. All you need to do is then filter our sports bras by that Power Rating to find bras that will support for your breasts in your chosen sport.
knockerlocker sports bras Power 1 symbol

Power 1

Our A/ B cup ladies love these bras for just about any level of impact; C/ D cups tend to use them as everyday bras or for low impact activities.

Power 2

Power 2

These bras are great for our full B/ C cup ladies for most levels of impact. Our D and DD+ cups also use these bras for low impact activities.

Power 3

Power 3

These bras are perfect for fuller C and D cups who want great support for high impact activities. DD+ cup ladies like these for medium impact activities.

power rating 4 logo

Power 4

Our DD+ cups swear by our Power 4 rated bras for all high impact activities.

Power 5

When nothing else has quite hit the spot, these bras are the ultimate in support.

Find the perfect support for your breasts for your sport

Medium support, high support, low impact, extreme control, ultimate control… what does it all mean and how do they compare?

The problem is twofold. 

Firstly, manufacturers all describe their bras differently in the terms they use- so ‘high impact’ may be the same as ‘ultimate control’ from another brand. But to me it seems that everything is now labelled ‘high impact’ or a variation thereof.

Secondly, the bounce impact of a sport or activity will vary according to your breast size and shape. However, bigger breasts and those with a narrower top portion will naturally need more support. So a bra tagged ‘extreme control’ may have that effect on a B cup, but maybe not so on a F cup.

Similarly age, breast feeding, weight gain or loss can affect the natural laxity of the breast tissue and ligamentous strands, resulting in breasts that need a little more anti-gravity assistance. Read more about breast kinetics here.

What are impact levels of different activities?

  • LOW- yoga, lounging, pilates, gentle walking
  • MEDIUM- cycling, gym work, weight training
  • HIGH- running, aerobics, equestrian, squash
So putting it all together, if I am an E cup and like to run, I need a Power 4 or 5 rated bra. If I am a C cup and want to run I would be looking for a Power 3 bra or above. You can go up a Power rating- (no one complains their breasts are too firmly held in place!) but don’t go down a rating.
power rating: women doing box jumps wearing Enell sports bras