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9 beautiful breast shapes- which are you?

Boobs are very 3 dimensional, coming in many different shapes- wide, bell shaped, round, you name it! However, we use just 2 standard measurements to characterise them.

It is just another challenge in finding the right fitting bra. Boobs are like fingerprints- no 2 are the same.

Your breast shape will influence what type of bra will fit you best- be that underwired, encapsulating, compression and so forth.

This in turn will ensure you are provided the ultimate comfort and support for your body and boobs.

Read the descriptions of the different breast shapes and figure what best matches you, we can try and recommend the types of bras and brands that will work for you.

Breast shape science is not an exact one, just another piece in the jigsaw that is finding the ultimate sports bra for you.

showing many different breast shapes
Boobuddy breast support bands on a multitude of breast shapes!

The breast shapes

Asymmetric breasts


Most of us are a bit lopsided, usually up to one cup size between the pair. It is generally best to fit your bigger side. Remember any of the other shapes of breast can be asymmetric AS WELL! Try compression or hybrid styles as these will more comfortably fit both breasts without gaping, as un underwired or encapsulated might.
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Athletic breast shape


Wide and muscular, often with less breast tissue and smaller cup sizes- the opposite of Slender breasts. Underwired styles often do not fit well as the breast can be too wide for the wire. Compression styles are the way forward for athletic breasts.
Find sports bras for athletic breasts
Bell shaped breasts


Slimmer at the top and wider at the bottom, more commonly seen in larger cup sizes. Go for high support full cup options, as the narrower top portion will need some added help holding up the heavier bottom portion.
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East West shaped breasts

East West

East west boobs are generally smaller with the nipples pointing, yes you guessed it- East West (or up and out). Try bras with good side support or padded to help gather the breast forward.
Find sports bras for east west breasts
Relaxed shaped breasts


A larger version of Slender- The tissue is lax, (often if you have lost some weight) and nipples point downwards. These beauts need a lot of support- consider underwired and bras with thick straps to help.
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Round shaped breasts


Similar volume of breast tissue top and bottom. The bra world is your oyster, take your pick!
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Slender shaped breasts


Slim, long shape, often with nipples pointing downwards, generally seen on smaller cup sizes. Avoid underwire as the wires are often too wide for the breast, try compression or hybrid styles.
Find sports bras for slender breasts
Tear drop shaped breasts

Tear Drop

Similar to round but with less tissue at the top. Tends to fit most styles but underwired and encapsulated styles often work particularly well.
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Wide or side set shaped breasts

Wide or Side Set

A larger version of East West breasts with nipples more forward facing. Ladies with wide breasts often struggle creating cleavage. Try a bra with good side support to help gather the breast forward or even some padding.
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