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Boobuddy (booband) | Breast support band


This revolutionary Boobuddy (booband) breast support band is worn across the top of the breasts to prevent damage caused by vertical and lateral movement during sports and other physical activity.

Worn either under or over your regular sports bra, this band gives an added dimension to breast stability and support. Because the band is worn above (not around) the breasts, the sizing is simple- just according to your usual UK dress size.

  • Reduces vertical and lateral movement
  • Prevents injury, ligament damage and sagging
  • Improves posture and confidence
  • Increases comfort and performance
  • Supports breasts of all size
  • Read more about Boobuddy here


Don’t be tempted to get a longer booband because you have big knockers! The most common reason we find for people exchanging their Boobuddy at KnockerLocker is because they ordered a large instead of a medium. Go with your dress size!!!

Product Info

Power Rating

power rating 4 logo

4 extreme impact bra

Our DD plus cups swear by our extreme rated bras for all levels of impact.

Locker Review

This is a great addition to your sports’ locker, adding flexibility to your existing sports bra array- for those days you feel you need a little extra hold. I often add mine on over my sports bra when I am going from doing weights straight into a high impact aerobics class. If you are looking for ultimate hold- try the Enell Sports bra. It is unsurpassed.

The sizing is spot on- don’t be tempted to go for a longer band than the chart recommends, even if you are rocking some mega assets. The band sits above the breasts, so it is all about dress size not breast size.

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