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Ecowear- 5 vital things everyone should know about sustainable fashion

Ecowear- a word we keep hearing but what is it really all about? We are all becoming ever more conscious of the environmental impact of our day to day lives and increasingly clothes are being included in this. The fashion industry is responsible for upto 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions yearly and consumes enough water to meet the needs of 5 million people. The ‘fast fashion’ fad- the constant changing of trends, paying very low prices for clothing with a view to refreshing your look at the end of each season, is fueling these figures.

So what does sustainable fashion actually mean? In essence it is an umbrella term describing clothes that are created and consumed in a way that can be maintained into the future. Here at KnockerLocker, we wanted to have products in our range to showcase how manufacturers are beginning to work towards a more sustainable future. Boody ecowear was the first sustainable brand we worked with.

Beautiful bamboo viscose

Boody ecowear set out to create a better basic. A softer fabric, a comfier fit. They did this without ego to change the way people think about their clothing choices, and always keeping the environment top of mind. Boody chose Bamboo as their substrate for making their fabric.

Bamboo viscose, sometimes referred to as bamboo rayon fabric or regenerated bamboo, is a regenerated cellulose fiber that’s created using natural cellulose from the crushed bamboo grass plant. Bamboo doesn’t require fertilizer. It also doesn’t need to be replanted, meaning its growth won’t negatively impact the earth around it. By choosing Boody for sustainable fashion, you’re making a positive impact on the planet.

boody ecowear sports bra

Good for you, good for our planet

The below data shows the difference The company has made to the environment since 2016.


Boody bamboo is organically grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilisers, meaning our field emissions are far lower than those from conventional cotton. 5 011 407 km of driving emissions avoided.


The energy used to harvest organically-grown bamboo is 50% more efficient than that of conventional cotton, due to no pesticide use and sustainable farming practices. 42 856 317 days of LED bulb energy saved.

Boody organically-grown bamboo uses 66% less water compared to conventional cotton. 521 165 261 litres of drinking water saved.

Boody bamboo is farmed organically, without harmful chemicals and pesticides which are otherwise released into the atmosphere and water systems. 241 hectares of land farmed without pesticides.

Welcome on board BXM

We are proudly stocking the new ecowear brand, BXM, sports bras manufactured here in the UK and made from 100% recycled fabrics. These bras are made exclusively for more BuXoM women (see what they did there?!) from an E cup upwards. You will notice the price point of BXM bras is higher than others we stock. This simply reflects the price of sustainability and more ethical UK manufacturing.

BXM logo

Make mindful choices in fashion

KnockerLocker is trying to work with an eye on sustainability, nudging people towards buying quality products that will last, and not end up in landfill before their time. Aside from this we all have to rethink our purchasing habits and the way we ‘consume’ clothes. In addition we need to make careful choices in where we shop.

Aside from stocking ecowear brands, KnockerLocker is part of Ecologi- supporting a climate positive workforce. We pay monthly towards reforestation projects for each employee of the company. Check out our forest here! We are members of the noissue eco alliance: all our postage packaging is fully compostable, we do not include paper delivery slips and we are pushing people to rethink how they order to minimise ‘returns’ miles. In addition we are supporting Smalls for All– asking people to upcycle pre loved bras rather than condemning them to landfill.

The fashion industry contributes to approximately 10% of carbon emissions globally and almost 20% of wastewater, using more energy than the aviation and shipping industries combined. By supporting companies that are mindful of their material choices and source from certified farms, you’re helping to combat the negative facets within the fashion industry. For KnockerLocker, working with Boody ecowear and BXM is a small start, but an important aspect of our company that we hope to build on further.