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Boobuddy: buxom girls’ #1 secret weapon on the track

ladies running wearing boobuddy breast support bands

Use BUDDIES at checkout to receive 25% off a Boobuddy* *When purchasing any other product over £20 Boobuddy: if you know, you know. As a relatively recent Boobuddy convert I so am excited to shout about this phenomenal piece of kit from the rooftops! It is genius in its simplicity, efficacy and affordability. Boobuddy (formerly […]

The Panache sports bra- every boobsome girl’s favourite, available now!

logo panache sports bras

Shop Panche Sports Bras now The UK number 1 sports bra brand for bigger breasts has landed at KnockerLocker! The panache sports bra has long been the first stop for many bigger breasted active women. Panache sports bra are created in Sheffield by a dedicated team working to bring you the most innovative sports bras […]

Plus size sports bras- find sensational support in 2023.

elomi energise plus size sports bra in white

In need of a plus size sports bra? Thought you were alone? Do not know where to turn and what will actually live up to the promises from the manufacturers? Read on to find out what is driving the rise of the plus size sports bra and which brands you can trust to deliver. Breast […]

2023 bra fitting guide: uncover your perfect size now.

lady wearing a poorly fitting bra

Bra fitting? Yawn, we have heard it all before right? But an astonishing 80% of women are still routinely wearing the wrong bra size. How can this be?  Well, let us start with a little bit of anatomy. Breast, boobs, knockers, call them what you will, are made of glandular tissue and fat with some […]

Check out our stellar sports bras for running in 2023.

In the population as a whole, 50% of women experience breast pain, either during activity or through hormonal cycles. In a survey conducted in 2012 by the University of Portsmouth of female London Marathon runners, breast pain was experienced by 32% of them and 17% of the ladies said it actually affected their participation in […]

What’s winning in the equestrian sports bra world?

Read on to find our top 4 sports bras for horse riding Sitting trot? Collected canter? Cross country? Which is it that gets you? I’m talking about breast pain. Horse riding is known to be one of the highest breast impact activities a woman can do, and yet do we all take care to wear […]

Ecowear- 5 vital things everyone should know about sustainable fashion

Eco bra from Boody

Ecowear- a word we keep hearing but what is it really all about? We are all becoming ever more conscious of the environmental impact of our day to day lives and increasingly clothes are being included in this. The fashion industry is responsible for upto 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions yearly and consumes enough […]

ENELL Sports Bra. The ultimate power lifter of 2022.

KnockerLocker is so proud to be championing the ENELL Sports Bra. As a Les Mills Body Attack enthusiast with a weighty pair of 32Es that, to be honest, have seen better days, I struggle to find a bra that is going to keep my boobs locked in through the jumping jacks, tuck jumps and burpees […]

ANITA Active: 135 years of flawless design and jaw-dropping style.

anita air control delta pad bra

Anita is well-known as a German based specialist for top-quality lingerie and swimwear. The five brands Rosa Faia, Anita since 1886, Anita Maternity, Anita Care and Anita Active serve a number of different target groups, but all share the same excellent fit, unrivalled comfort and impeccable quality. With over 130 years experience it is no […]

Join the RUNDERWEAR revolution. Chafe-free guaranteed.

Runderwear original sports bra in blue

Shop Runderwear Running bras Runderwear- best sports bra for running- Runner’s World At KnockerLocker we are so proud to be part of the Runderwear team. Their ethos and back story is completely inspiring and we feel really privileged they have chosen us as an online partner. The Runderwear Power running bra is my personal favourite […]

Why wear a sports bra? Spotlight on asset protection.

Pour Moi energy strive sports bra

Complete guide to the benefits of wearing a sports bra. Why wear a sports bra for working out? You would think it was obvious wouldn’t you? But you would be surprised just how many women do not wear a sports bra to exercise. I speak from first hand experience- women I regularly see in my […]