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KnockerLocker brings you the latest in premium sports bra shopping. No matter your breast size or shape or your sport of choice, we have the right sports bra for you and the know-how to guide you towards it.

Check out our innovative Power Rating- this useful tool combines your breast size with the impact level of your chosen sport to give you a 'Power Rating' from 1-5. You can then filter our sports bra selection to find one that will deliver the optimum support for your body in your workout.

Breasts come in all different shapes as well as sizes. Some shapes will fit better in particular sports bra brands than others. So have a read of your breast shape descriptions, figure which you are and have a peek at our sports bra recommendations.

Use our fitting guidelines to ensure you are wearing the right size in your current bras. We test all of our sports bras and try to give as much guidance and recommendation as possible as to how different bra brands fit compared to others.

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